5 Reasons Why You Need An Act! Subscription

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Act! Subscription

Act! is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform designed to help small and mid-sized businesses grow. Read on to see why so many businesses are choosing an Act! subscription to facilitate their customer management and marketing processes.

Better cashflow management

Smaller monthly or annual payments means that you don’t have to invest a large amount of capital upfront for your CRM software. This helps you to budget and improve your cash flow far more easily than when purchasing a perpetual license.

Automatic Upgrades

Act! updates are regularly released to include new features as well as improvements on existing elements. Upgrading to the latest version is essential to get the best experience and to continue receiving support for your software. Swiftpage release new and improved versions of Act! each year – so with a subscription you can keep up without paying out.

Additional Support

With our Act! subscription packages, additional support is included in your monthly price. You’ll never have to worry about problems with your software because we’ll always be on hand to help. Our support options include email support, telephone support and onsite implementation/ training.

Improve your experience with integrations

An Act! subscription gives you the freedom to add extra tools that will improve your overall experience of the software. For example, you can link your Sage & Act! Software together for advanced customer insights, add advanced reporting tools, or expand your accessibility with mobile access tools such as HandheldContact  – Mobile Access for Act!

We recently listed our favourite Act! Add-ons that will change the way you use your CRM software – you can read the blog post here.

Access Act! in the cloud

With an Act! CRM Cloud annual subscription you’ll be able to access your data form any internet connected device. With on-demand access, automatic upgrades, and nightly backups you’ll have the ultimate flexible and worry-free experience.

If you want to get even more from your CRM software, take a look at Act’s latest marketing automation features– a powerful combination of effective customer management and marketing automation. Read more about Act’s latest offering here.

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