Act Backup Service

Securely backup your CRM data

A secure, offsite backup of your Act! data in case things go wrong


Act! is your little black book for business, storing all of your important customer
information. Things like contact details, the types of products or services bought
from your business, and records of the conversations you’ve had with your
customers. It also keeps track of any new leads; what led them to your business,
what services they’re interested in, and extra information that can help you close
the sale.

Studies show that sales teams spend around 18% of their time using a CRM system.
Updating contact details, and entering notes to help keep the relationship running
smoothly. That’s a lot of business-essential data stored in your CRM software.

What's stored in your Act! software?

Your Act! CRM system stores all of this information and more

  • Email history – all of your email correspondence stored in one place
  • Past purchases and interests – easily see what your customers have enquired
    about or bought from you before
  • Notes about current projects or orders – keep track of outstanding work or
    orders so everybody is on the same page
  • Important delivery information – one client with multiple delivery locations?
    Store them all under the same company in Act! CRM
  • Lead profiles and scoring information – Accurately judge how interested a lead is
    in your business and services with lead scoring based off past engagement
  • Leads captured from landing pages – never lose track of a lead again with
    automated landing page to CRM workflows
  • Store data from email campaigns to see who’s opened, clicked, or unsubscribed
    from your marketing campaigns.

Now, imagine that you lose this information. All of your customer history and past
emails, details on their marketing preferences, and contact information for any new leads you’d acquired. How long would it take your business to recover?

act cloud doc

What's included?

Our Act! backup service give you peace of mind knowing that you have a recent copy of your CRM data stored on our servers. You’ll also get the following benefits

  • Fast disaster recovery – we’ll have your saved data over to you within hours,
    meaning minimal downtime for your business
  • 30-day backup retention period. We’ll store each of your backups for at least 30
    days, so if anything happens, you’ll always have a recent copy of your data.
  • Email alerts in case anything goes wrong. If your backup fails for any reason our
    tech support team will remotely log onto your computer and resolve the issue.
    Allotted backup times. We’ll schedule your backups outside of your normal
    working hours to minimise disruption.
  • No pre-requisites. Our Act! backup services work with any version of Act! CRM.
    Real-time advice. Should you encounter any problems with your Act! data, we’ll
    have a copy stored on our server. This means we can look at it in details and
    provide advice on the next steps to take.

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Who Are We?

Softext is an Act! business partner with over ten year’s experience. Our team of consultants and software technicians are here to support you as you use Act! software to manage your customer relationships.

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We have a range of Act! training options to suit all budgets and learning styles. Including remote training and 1-2-1 training.

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