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Act! CRM helps you to organise all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively. Drive sales and create customers for life.

Why choose Act! CRM?

  • Quickly tap into all relationship details, both in the office and on popular mobile devices.
  • Efficiently manage your calendar; track calls, meetings, and to-dos as well as kicking-off automated tasks to increase productivity.
  • Seamlessly interact with the business and social tool you rely on every day like Office, Outlook, Google and Linkedin.
  • Act! Connect – Connect with hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act! via Act! Connect. Get started with a few simple steps, then watch as Act! Connect automatically moves info between Act! and the apps of your choice.
  • Act! Insights – See graphical representations of performance with actionable dashboards.
  • Dynamic Pipeline Management – Project revenue, adjust strategy, and quickly focus efforts with the Pipeline view featuring in-context KPIs, an actionable sales pipeline, an interactive sales funnel, and advanced filtering

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Why choose Softext Ltd?

Why partner with Softext

  • Access to Act! certified consultants
  • Customise database for Contact, Companies and Group layouts*
  • Design Email, Word templates and reports to use*
  • Import data (contacts, companies & groups)*
  • Onsite installation and Training*
  • FREE online demo and consultation
    *Additional costs may apply apply