Act v24 – What’s New?

Act v24 – What’s New?

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for! Act! v24 has been released, giving users a superior CRM experience. Released globally on September 17th 2021, Act version 24 promises even better performance with 64-bit native architecture and user-driven Office integration enhancements.

New 64-bit Architecture for Windows & Web

When the developers set out to create version 24, they wanted to capitalise on the benefits of today’s 64-bit hardware and operating systems for superior speed, performance, and scalability. Using the advanced 64-bit features, Act! version 24 is able to multi-task and perform high-load functions, support large files and data sets without memory issues.

In the latest version of Act CRM software, you’ll get

  • Access to more memory – 17,000,000,000+ GB or RAM with 64-bit application vs 4GB with a 32-bit application
  • The ability to multi-task without worrying about system lag or out-of-memory issues in the middle of important tasks.
  • Superior speed and performance especially during high-load functions as well as support for large files and data sets.
  • Scalability – run multiple concurrent 3rd party add-ions optimally, as well as the freedom to grow implementations. This means no matter how small you start of, it’s easy to increase the amount of Act users within your company without worrying about system overload.
  • 64-bit hardware and operating systems are inherently more secure than their 32-bit predecessors.


Windows 11 & Office 2019 Compatibility

Windows 11 is scheduled for release in Q4 2021. To ensure an unrivalled user experience, Act v24 is already compatible with this new major Windows update. This includes the latest usability and security enhancements from Microsoft as well as support for Office 2019 and SQL server 2019.

Office integration

The latest version of Act also includes 64-bit integration for Outlook, and Word add-ins for optimal performance and scalability.

  • Easily select from multiple databases with the new Outlook Add-In as well as applying familiar toolbar actions such as Quick Attach, Attach to Contact etc.
  • Attach emails to the ‘history’ section for contacts that do not have an email address in Act! based on matching of data in other fields.
  • Set up API connection to Outlook so you can easily get locally shared hosted databases via a new Preference option.

Act v24 also includes an improved Word Add-in. The new Add-in

  • Allows users to pull in a current contact list used during ‘Mail Merge’ to attach or record to history.
  • Embed images in MS-Word based Mail Merge templates from image fields on contact records.
  • Contains a fix that lets users resume sending Act! Mail Marge through Outlook instead of sending them to the drafts folder.

Marketing Automation Enhancements

Version 24 of Act! also includes some changes to the marketing automation features. When you upgrade, you’ll be able to

  • Capture notes and reminders, and collaborate with others on template design with a new comments feature.
  • Optimise your email templates effectively with the ability to hide individual rows or blocks of content from rendering on mobile devices for better optics and readability.
  • Send A/B test emails to subsets of your recipient list and then automatically send the best performing version to the remainder based on your own criteria.
  • Use a score derived from engagement on your landing page, email campaigns, and website to trigger actions such as calls, meetings, or additional emails.
  • Greater design flexibility with multiple sections and two-column display on landing page templates.

Act v24 Feature Deprecations & Changes

The latest version of Act CRM Software includes some changes or removals of older features. Such as

  • Act! Dialer
  • Act! email
  • Smart tasks

In addition to this, some features have been changed to improve usability. This includes

  • The Ecommerce connections which are now supported by Zapier
  • Updates graphs & charts with modern, 64-bit compatible components in Act! Dashboards

Now that you’ve read all about it, its time to see the new features in action. Try Act! v24 free for 14 days – you don’t need to download anything or enter any payment details to begin!

Try Act! Free for 14 days

No card details or downloads required!

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