Benefits of a Sage home study course over other methods

Benefits of a Sage home study course over other methods

Sage home study courses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people wanting to learn and get the most from their Sage software.

Price – We do live in a time where price seems to be right at the top when it comes to making a decision. Compared to bespoke on site or classroom courses the Sage home study option would be a lot less than the price of on site or classroom training.

Flexibility – With Classroom or on-site training you’re tied to specific times and dates whereas self-study you can train at a time that suits you. Unlike the other methods you can learn at home of an evening or weekend and for as long as you want.

Certification – Whilst with the classroom courses you can take Sage certification at the end for £63 + vat per level, ours and other providers Sage home study courses often will come with certification bundled in which if the purpose of taking a course is look for employment you really would need a certificate of some sort to prove your competence.

Refer back – With home study courses you usually will be provided with training manual(s) to use when working through the course. You would be able to keep these so you can refer back to any point after the course has been completed.

Whilst home study is popular it might not be everyone. Some people prefer the classroom environment. Same can be said for on-site courses and e-learning. It is all down to the individual and their preferred method. We provide different options for Sage training. To see the full range of options please take a look at our Sage Training page.

Below are the three options available for the home study courses we provide.

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