CRM Shopping Habits in 2021

CRM Shopping Habits in 2021

We asked 100 business owners, CEOs & Business managers how they use and buy CRM software. Our survey covered every aspect of CRM software use; including how often it’s used, which features are important, and points to consider before making a software purchase.

The results confirmed what many business owners already know – CRM software is an integral part running a business, used to track and nurture customer relationships.  In fact, nearly half of business owners use a CRM system multiple times a day, and over a quarter use it at least once a day.

Copy of how often do you use crm software

We also discovered that quality, price, and features included are the three most important criteria when it comes to choosing CRM software. 23% of decision makers also reported that they are likely to purchase based on recommendations from others.

Read on the see the full results of our survey.

From the following, which products have you purchased in the past three months?

which products purchased in last 3 months

How often do you use CRM software?

Nearly half of all those surveyed reported using a CRM software more than once a day to record important information. While a huge two-thirds of respondents said they use CRM software every day.

Here are the full results

  • 41% answered ‘a few times a day’
  • 28% said once a day
  • 23% said a few times a week
  • 4% said once a week
  • 2% answered a few times a month
  • 2% answered once a month

What are the most important factors when choosing CRM software? (Ranked in order of importance)

  1. Quality
  2. Price
  3. Features
  4. Sustainability
  5. Brand
  6. Offers
  7. Design
  8. Customer Service
  9. Post Purchase support

How do you shop for CRM software?

From online research, recommendations or speaking to a sales advisor on the phone we asked decision makers how they prefer to buy their CRM software. This is how they answered

  • 43% prefer to do their own research
  • 25% buy based on recommendations
  • 19% have no preference
  • 13% prefer to buy over the phone

Which areas are you planning to focus on in the next three months?

We asked our audience which areas of the business they are planning to grow and invest in over the next three months. This is what they said

areas to focus on
  • 46% getting new customers
  • 40% retaining existing customers
  • 1% Marketing & Communications
  • 1% product development
  • 5% hiring new staff

As our results show, finding the right CRM software is a priority for many UK businesses. CRM software helps businesses to achieve their goals of attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and building effective marketing campaigns.

Are you thinking of investing in a CRM system to help your business grow? Call us on 0121 323 2304 to talk about Act! CRM.

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