How to set up Outlook as Email client in ACT

How to set up Outlook as Email client in ACT

This tutorial and examples/screenshots were done using ACT Premium V16 – Outlook 2010 – Windows 7

One of the many great features of ACT CRM is the ability to auto attach emails sent from Outlook to a contacts history in ACT so it is very east to find all email correspondence for any of your ACT! contacts.
Another reason to set this up is to use the email templates feature built in ACT!.

To set up Outlook as Email client in ACT!  you will need to do the following:

Against your user card in ACT put the email address(s) in the email field that you use to contact your customers/leads.

Within ACT go to Tools/Preferences. Select the Email and Outlook sync tab and select email system set up


You will then be presented with the wizard screen


Click Next


Select Microsoft Outlook (recommended) Click Next. 

The following E-mail – Outlook Address Books dialog box appears:


This page of the wizard allows you to add up to three Act! databases as address books to Outlook.

Click add and select the database required. You will have to input your username and password

After clicking next, the E-mail Editor dialog box appears:


Make sure Microsoft Outlook (recommended) is selected. Click next


Choose how you want your history recording. Click next


Again choose the options that suit you. We normally select the recommended options. Click next


E-mail – Activity Invitation. Please select the application that you require to display the alarms.

Click next

Now click finish. Your set up is complete. You will need to restart Outlook for the changes to take affect.

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