Is your Sage 50cloud Accounts Data Corrupted?

Is your Sage 50cloud Accounts Data Corrupted?

The quality of your accounting data is what keeps your business running smoothly. From VAT returns, to outstanding debts, and credits   – it’s something that really needs to be correct.

Any business that uses Sage 50cloud Accounts software to manage its finances should have a solid data check procedure in place. Regularly checking for corruption and fixing errors before they spiral out of control saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

Why is it important to check your Sage 50cloud Accounts data?

Occasionally, events outside of Sage software can cause the stored data to become corrupted. This includes computer crashes, power failure, and issues with other software or hardware. Even actions like using the Task Manager to force the software to close can cause corruption – We always advise our customers to check for errors if this occurs.

How to check your Sage 50cloud Accounts Data?

Running the ‘Check Data’ routine is the easiest way to pick up corruption in your Sage 50cloud Accounts. Completing this routine regularly is essential to protect the integrity of your accounting data.

To run the Check Data routine, go to File > Maintenance > Check Data. This tool will comb through your data and highlight any problems that need to be fixed. When your data check returns errors, you must fix these straight away – if you don’t, you risk corrupting more data the longer you wait.

What should you do if your data is corrupted?

If you find that your data is corrupted don’t worry – you may be able to recover most of it using the back-ups feature. We always preach the importance of using automatic back-ups to our new customers and this is why!

When enabled, automatic back-ups will save a copy of your Sage data at regular intervals. So, if anything does happen to your data you can restore your software to the last saved version.

Worried your data might be at risk? Here are the most common signs of data corruption.

  • Crashing or freezing of the software
  • Blank or frozen lists when using list dropdown features
  • Strange or random characters in any of the software windows
  • Recently posted transactions or new records missing from your data

If you do find problems with your data, this is what you need to do. First, back-up the data in its current state, then restore to the most recent backup using the steps below.

  1. File > Restore.
  2. Browse > locate the required backup file > Open > OK > Yes.
  3. OK > if prompted, enter your log in details > OK.
  4. File > Maintenance > Check Data.

If you can’t find an error free backup to restore from you will have to try to fix the data using the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose whether you have errors, warnings or comments > choose your software version > follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve followed all of the steps above and still have errors in your data, we may be able to help repair it. However please note that there is an extra charge for this outside of our normal support packages.

If you’d like to discuss Sage 50cloud Accounts data repair options please call us on 0121 323 2304 or email

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