IT Hardware Services

Dell Technologies Logo

Softext are part of the Dell Technologies Partner Program. This means we’ve got access to a range of technological solutions to solve your business problems.

We can supply you with products and services such as PC’s and laptops (including set up and configuration), servers, peripherals and much more. We’ll listen to your needs and find the best product for your business, from single purchases to larger installations we can help you manage your IT requirements.

Why Dell?

Since its creation in 1984, Dell has been instrumental in changing the digital landscape across the world. It is amongst the leading technology companies helping to transform people’s lives with extraordinary capabilities. From hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing to ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives.

So, what does this mean for you? As Dell Partners, we can help you manage all of your IT hardware requirements.

New Hardware

In the market for a new computer or laptop? With so much choice it can be hard to find the right spec and the best price – that’s where we can help. We can supply everything you need for your business or home including PCs, servers, laptops and accessories.


Replacing your equipment isn’t always necessary and it can often be more cost effective to simply upgrade what you already have. Our in-house IT technicians will assess your equipment to see if an upgrade is the best solution and perform the necessary modifications. Whether it’s something as simple as swapping your mechanical hard drive for a faster solid-state drive (SSD) to upgrading the RAM to meet your requirements.


When you decide to invest in a new computer or laptop, you’ll need to move your data across too. We can help you migrate your data across from old to new, and depending on the spec of your original computer, we may be able to copy over your existing software applications, files and folders on to the new computer.


What's next?

Next time you are thinking of upgrading your IT hardware or need to add additional technologies, call Softext first. We’ll provide advice and guidance to help you choose the right products and ensure they’re set up correctly.