Keep Marketing Through Coronavirus

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Keep Marketing Through Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus crisis affecting businesses across the UK many SME owners are understandably worried about the effect it will have on their livelihood. Now is the time to utilise marketing tools to help you keep your business in the minds of your customers.

Keep your business relevant

Letting people forget about your business and its services will make it harder for you to come back once this is all over. Keeping in touch with your customers using email marketing, social media and news updates on your blog will let them know whether you are still operating, what you are offering and your plans for the future.

Stick to your brand values

When marketing during times like this it’s important not to try too hard to piggyback on what’s happening. If your brand, products or services aren’t directly related to the current situation don’t try too hard to tailor your marketing to it. Stick to what you do best and focus on the value of your business and services.

Create and share interesting content

Like most of us, your customers are probably fed up of hearing about the Coronavirus so give them something different to read about. The more useful and relevant it is to your customers, the better.

Don’t over market

In these uncertain times everybody wants to keep sales coming in and keep their business moving so it can be tempting to oversell your services. A desperate attempt at pushing your products can have the opposite effect though, and drive people away from your business if they feel bombarded by sales material.

For smaller, more frequent updates and messages use your social media channels, and for more in-depth communications use email marketing but limit it so you don’t become annoying

Work on your marketing strategy

With everything a bit quieter now is the perfect time to work on building your audience and marketing strategy. Take the time to research your market and target audience and think of ways to communicate with them.


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