New Sage Instant Accounts 2014

New Sage Instant Accounts 2014

What’s new in Sage Instant Accounts 2014?

Sage Instant Accounts is the market-leading software that puts you in control of your cashflow.
Whether you’re dealing with quotes and invoices, customers or VAT, it talks your language and shows you what you need to know in an instant.
Sage Instant Accounts is really easy to install and set up. You can get started straightaway if you download it online, and you’ll have 45 days’ free support if you need any help. Once you’re up and running you’ll find it easier to do everyday tasks – so you can keep your business running smoothly with a true reflection of how your business is performing.

NEW – Easy and straightforward VAT

When you’re running a business, you’ve got enough to think about without having to be a VAT expert as well. Sage Instant Accounts 2014 will show you how and guide you through the process of calculating, verifying and submitting your VAT return to HM Revenue & Customs.
It’s your one-stop to guide you through the process and help you avoid making mistakes. Helping you get your VAT admin done quickly and easily, so you can focus on your business.
• NEW – Show me how
Gives you the confidence that you are entering and processing transactions correctly for your VAT scheme
• NEW – VAT verifier
Check your return before submitting to HMRC.Gives you the confidence that it contains all the transactions for the VAT period you’re submitting for
You can also:
• Save time – submit your return in just three clicks
• Keep a record of your returns and submissions receipts automatically stored alongside your VAT returns
• Quickly send payment instructions to your bank to pay HMRC directly from your software via e-banking

NEW – Manage your stock

If you make money through selling products, then knowing how much stock you have and what it’s worth is an important part of managing your cash flow. Sage Instant Accounts 2014 gives you greater control over your stock so you can manage it efficiently.
New in Sage Instant Accounts 2014:
• Remove products/services that you no longer sell from your product list so your stock list only shows items currently on sale
New in Sage Instant Accounts Plus 2014:
• Easily calculate the value of your stock with the opening and closing stock wizard. This means your financial reports show an accurate stock value
• Import stock take from Excel/CSV files to ensure that stock levels in Sage Instant Accounts 2014 match what you actually have
NEW – Foreign Trading made easy

For businesses trading outside of the UK and Ireland, dealing with foreign currencies can make your accounts more complicated. With Sage Instant Accounts 2014 you can keep all the information you need to manage foreign trading in one place. So you can stay compliant with legislation for trading abroad, and manage changing exchange rates.
• All the information you need to manage foreign trading in one place including sales, purchases and invoices
• Stay on top of tax legislation for trading abroad
• Manage fluctuating exchange rates
• Reconcile multiple currencies in your accounts
NEW – Stay connected

Sage Instant Accounts 2014 helps your business run smoother and faster. Our live link functionality allows you to stay connected within your software for important product and legislation
updates. It makes payments easy, so you keep your cash flow healthy. It helps you build good relationships with suppliers by paying accurately and on time. And it puts the information you
need about legislation changes and support from Sage right at your fingertips.
• Give customers more payment options – receive debit/credit card payments through SagePay†
• Receive the money in your bank account and add the payment details to Sage Instant Accounts in one click
• Pay suppliers for goods and services by producing a payment file thatlinks to your e-banking service
• Get live messages from Sage about changes to legislation plus information on our support service

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