Act Marketing Automation Training

Learn how to use Act Marketing Automation tools with our tailored training options

Boost your confidence using Act Marketing automation with training from accredited Act! experts

Learn how to use Act marketing automation tools to deliver professional sales and marketing campaigns. Our training sessions will give you the confidence you need to market like a pro using Act CRM software.

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Do you need Act marketing automation training?

Even for experienced CRM users getting to grips with new software isn’t always straightforward. That’s where training comes in. To really get the most from your Act software you need to spend time getting to know the ins-and-outs of the system.

Act is a powerful CRM solution with added marketing automation features. Learning to use it properly will transform the way you run and market your business. Our Act training sessions give you the confidence to create and manage effective marketing campaigns.

What does the training include?

With no prior experience necessary, our in-depth Act training courses are suitable for all levels. You’ll learn everything you need to know to use Act marketing automation independently.

Our Act marketing automation training sessions are tailored to you so we can focus on the areas where you need the most guidance. Some of the most common areas to cover include

  • Landing pages & web forms
  • Creating & editing templates
  • Building drip marketing campaigns
  • Automating actions from campaigns such as notifications and call scheduling
  • Asset tracking – PDFs, videos, & website visits
  • General email marketing advice

Why Choose Softext Ltd?

  • We’ve been working with Act for a long time. In fact, we’ve been helping businesses implement and learn how to use Act since 2012, so we know our way around it. As well as being accredited Act software consultants, we also use it day-to-day to run our own sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Our in-house marketing team is also here to offer you advice when you start using Act to build your own campaigns. We’ll arm you with best practice guides and tips to make your marketing more effective.
  • Our technical support team are trained in all aspects of Act software. From implementation to trouble shooting problems, they’re always ready to help you as you use the software.

Onsite and Remote Act Marketing Automation Training

Act marketing automation training options:

Act training is available both as both onsite and remote sessions so you won’t have to worry about travelling. Remote sessions are delivered via Microsoft teams and can accommodate a small team of trainees or a one-to-one session.

Get in touch to discuss your Act marketing automation training goals.

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