Accounting the Paperless way. An integrated app designed to work across the Sage 50 and Sage 200 product ranges.

Softext has partnered with Paperless Europe to offer our customers a Digital Document Management solution to manage and store business paperwork.

The Paperless document management solution works with Sage software but can be used to store all other important documents too.

Why use Paperless?

  • Paperless Europe is Sage certified and was awarded platinum developer status in 2019.
  • Paperless Document Management for Sage integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts.
  • Paperless is easy to use and intuitive, enabling users to follow through the entire electronic document management process for Sage in an organised manner.
  • Documents are stored safely within your organisation, and can be collaborated on and distributed with ease.
  • Document look-ups can be performed from within your Sage accounting application.
  • Save time by reducing the manual entry of accounting data.

Powerful Document Flow Features

Get invoices approved quickly by using PaperLess workflows both for invoices and for any other type of document you wish to send on flow. With PaperLess Document Flow you can easily approve documents online keeping track of what changes were made and the users that made them.

Automatic Invoice Recognition

Reduce time lost in manual data entry with powerful Automatic Invoice Recognition. With 80% average success rate, PaperLess OCR software for Sage ensures that the data read from the invoices is cross referenced with the defaults you have defined in your Sage accounting package. This will  allow you to automate invoice processing even further since nominal codes, tax codes, currency, etc are automatically picked up from the supplier settings in your Sage accounting package.

Secure Online Access

No matter where you are, with PaperLess secure remote access you, your clients and employees can have all data available at the click of a button… all it takes is an internet connection. Invoice approval made easy with PaperLess Document Management for Sage.

Full Automation of Emailed Invoices

Company Inbox is a powerful system that enables Sage 50 Accounts users to automatically process all documents received by email. Controlled by automation rules that are applied as soon as documents are received in Company Inbox email, document management is turned into a fully automatic, faster and more reliable process.

Powerful Search with PaperLess Accounting Archive

Never lose paperwork and find all your documents in seconds with PaperLess Accounting archive powerful search features. The experience of more than 15 years on the market gave PaperLess the know-how to develop a powerful tool that gives accountants and finance professionals access to whatever documents they need in a matter of seconds.

Documents linked to transactions

Look-up documents directly from your Sage accounting software. PaperLess enables you to automatically link all documents to your transactions in Sage to keep your documents well organized, with access to all of your invoices in a matter of seconds.

Company Inbox

Automatic Invoice Recognition

Dispute Approval Method

Document Processing Automation

Paperless Other Documents Archive

Document Approval Management

Paperless Invoice Scanning Software

A Sage Certified Solution that works with both Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud, PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software helps thousands of Sage users automate their invoicing process including; automatically scanning invoices, relevant data capture, and the ability to post the transactions into Sage directly from within the PaperLess work space. On posting, PaperLess automatically attach the invoices to Sage so that invoice retrieval can be done via a simple live lookup directly from within Sage accounting lines.

How Can PaperLess Invoice Scanning Help Your Business?

  • Seamless integration with Sage 50 & Sage 200 products.
  • Fast processing of accounting transactions.
  • Automatic invoice processing using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognise information on invoices.
  • Post transactions directly into Sage.
  • Reduce manual data input.
  • Batch scan invoices.
  • Automatic Match & Close of Purchase Orders in Sage 50 & Sage 200.
  • Automate Invoice Approval processes with PaperLess Document Flow.
  • Fully Automate Invoice Processing Routines for Emailed Invoices with PaperLess Company Inbox.

How Do I Retrieve Documents Once They Have Been Posted To Sage?

Scanned documents added to your Sage account using PaperLess can easily be retrieved using a live lookup of your invoices. This will give you access to all your documents and the audit trail of the approval process in a matter of seconds, so no more time spent on going through your paper archive to retrieve a copy of your invoices or having to go through an exhaustive and time-consuming search through your digital folders.

How Does PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software for Sage Work?

Businesses can now scan invoices and manage their complete workflow process online within one workspace so companies can save time, increase profit and reduce risk. PaperLess is designed for easy usability, which means your accounting department can utilise less skilled members of the team and control what these members can do by defining their roles within the user access rights. Higher skilled staff can then spend their valuable time checking the preparation of the accounting vouchers before posting into your accounting application.

The seamless integration between PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software and Sage 50 and Sage 200 means that Sage users simply need to scan invoices, automatically extract the data, review the information and then post the transactions to Sage. PaperLess does the posting and, at the same time, it links the documents directly to Sage accounting lines, meaning that retrieval can be done directly from within Sage.

Invoice recognition for Sage enables businesses to post transactions with the relevant documents into Sage and then view them in PaperLess or in Sage at a later stage. If your business is still looking for an effective invoice scanning solution, PaperLess is a valuable complementary solution for Sage that scans invoices for your organisation more efficiently and securely.

PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software for Sage handles multiple suppliers with multiple document formats. PaperLess can run invoice recognition on multiple invoices at the same time, so organisations can save time and reduce manual errors. PaperLess even checks for duplicate transactions when running invoice recognition.

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