Sage 50 Accounts V29 – What’s new?

Sage 50 Accounts V29 – What’s new?

The latest version of popular account software Sage 50 Accounts version 29 is available from 30th January 2023. For this latest iteration of the software, Sage has listened to customer’s feedback, making 50 Accounts easier and simpler to use. Building on the 22 new features added in V28.1, v29 sees even more enhancements based on customer requests logged via Sage Business Partners and directly through Sage City.

Here are some of the most notable new features in Sage 50 Accounts v29.

Improved help features

To help Sage 50 Accounts users get the right help at the moment they need it, Sage has developed it’s in-software help feature. The new and enhanced help feature provides simplified in-product assistance that will unlock help, provide support and elevate your performance while working with Sage 50.

The new help feature provides link within every window of the software so you can find relevant articles at the click of a button. The solutions provided are contextual to the area of the product you’re working in, or the task being completed to ensure you get targeted and relevant help every time. No more scrolling through pages of articles trying to find the right one!

And, one of the best parts of the new help feature, the window stays open as you move through the software. You won’t have to worry about switching tabs, or having multiple screens – following the help advice couldn’t be any easier!

Sage city requests

While developing Sage 50 Accounts v29, Sage took the top user requests from Sage City and made them a reality. The changes are focused on saving you time during your day-to-day accounting tasks and giving you the ability to customise the product to suit your needs.

Here are the changes that have been implemented in this new version of Sage.

Improved search capabilities

To help you find the right data faster, Sage v29 comes with improved search capabilities to search your data effectively and increase productivity.  With the latest version of 50 Accounts, you can now apply searches across most fields rather than just in the reference field.

Once you use the search feature it will appear as a drop down within processing windows so you can scroll through to find the right data. The search option has also been added to additional modules including Projects, Departments and Nominal codes.

Gross column added to batch entries

In previous versions of Sage 50, the Gross figure would not display in the Batch Entry windows so users would have to work out this amount manually.

However, this has been added in version 29 so you’ll see the gross figure alongside the NET and VAT columns. This is a read-only field so it cannot be amended or changed, and is designed to improve accuracy and automation.

Calculate net on recurring items

Another addition aimed at improving the accuracy and automation of Sage 50 Accounts software is the ability to calculate net on recurring items in version 29. Again, this eliminates the need to manually calculate this figure as the software will accurately do it for you.

Customising Sage 50 Accounts v29

One of the main focuses for version 29 of Sage 50 Accounts was to give users the ability to customise their software. Here are the improvements that will enable them to make Sage work for their businesses.

Additional analysis and email fields

To give its users more opportunity to customise their accounts software, Sage has added three extra analysis fields within both customer and supplier records. These fields can be customised by going to Settings> configuration and then added to reports for analysis.

It’s now also possible to add three additional email addresses to customer records too.

Product descriptions and part numbers

The product description has been increased from 60 characters to 120 characters, so users can have more detail on their invoices. Similarly, the part number has also been increased to 60 characters, up from 16.

Enhanced Cashflow Management in Sage 50 Accounts v29

In the new version of Sage 50 Accounts, it’s easier than ever to manage your cashflow. Sage has introduced a number of new tools to help you do this in version 29.

Invoice layouts with bank details

Get paid quicker by adding your bank details to your invoices. In Sage 50 Accounts v29 bank details are picked up from the bank record and added to invoices by default.

Invoice payment improvements

Request and receive payments by card from your Sage invoices using Stripe or PayPal with the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts. Invoices can be emailed directly from your software with a ‘Pay Now’ button for fast, easy payments. Not only that, invoices can now also be used for part payments or Settlement discounts.

Invoice finance management

To further help with cashflow, Sage has partnered with Satago to give users access to fast, flexible finance. You can unlock cash from unpaid invoices and speed up the process with Sage integration.

Satago does have its own criteria for lending including

  • Limited company.
  • UK Businesses registered with companies house.
  • Minimum turnover of £100k.
  • Trading for a minimum of 12 months

Invoice finance can be activated through settings > Invoice finance and eligibility is checked during this process.

Compliance Improvements in Sage 50 Accounts v29

Compliance with post Brexit legislation means that users now need a place to store EORI numbers – something Sage has delivered in version 29. The newest version of Sage 50 Accounts now has an additional box to add an EORI number to each additional address within Addresses and contacts in both Supplier and Customer Records.

Other Enhancements in Sage 50 Accounts v29

Further enhancements to improve the usability of Sage v29 include

  • Ledger refresh – added to most modules to make it easier to refresh the data on the screen.
  • A ‘Don’t show again’ tick box for sales order status, terms agreed message, processing outside financial year, Credit Charges when foreign trader is activated, Contra entries when foreign trader is activated.
  • Clear messages to show if there is no response from the server
  • New Sage branding
  • Removal of older features relying on Internet Explorer
  • Company registration fields in Customer/ Supplier and Company details
  • Removal of Accountants link feature
  • VAT performance improvements – A faster VAT return process
  • Search bar and filter options added to Projects Module
  • Change the official name of Turkey to Turkiye
  • Zipped reports to improve the speed of software installation
  • Reinstate the ability to ignore ‘Zero Value’ entries on file import

For help or advice on upgrading to Sage 50 Accounts version 29 give us a call on 0121 323 2304. As Sage Business Partners we offer Sage subscriptions, consultancy, and training.

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