Sage 50 Forecasting 2007 Software

Sage 50 Forecasting 2007 Software

Why Sage 50 Forecasting? The future of your business can’t
be left to chance. What you decide to do, or not do, today, affects where your business will be tomorrow.

And as the business world moves faster and with increasing complexity, it becomes harder to see what those business decisions might mean. Sage 50 Forecasting
cuts through the muddle and gives you a clear picture of what lies ahead financially. It sets out the figures so you can budget today and plan for the future. And it does this not within hours, but within minutes.

Sage 50 Forecasting. A powerful management tool that helps you run and grow your business with confidence.

It’s advanced features are highly flexible so it can cope with any business, regardless of age, type, size or complexity.

Plan effectively. It provides accurate and detailed financial forecasts quickly and easily, so you can see where your business is heading for up to 50 years in advance.
You can identify problems and avoid them, or identify opportunities and capitalise on them . Having this accurate financial information at hand, allows you to make informed decisions and budget accordingly, surprisingly quickly.

Manage your finances confidently. It gives instant snapshots of your business’s financial position on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, so you can measure actual progress against budgets.

Ask yourself ‘What if?‘. Test the effect of different scenarios before you commit to decisions – a powerful, risk-free way to examine new business ideas, plans
or strategies.

Look professional. It produces polished, accurate and detailed forecasts, both financial reports and at-a-glance graphs that will help your case when presenting to colleagues , investors and bank managers.

You can produce reports quickly and easily without the need to update individual data entries.

Accurate reports are automatically updated the instant your forecast changes. Your reports will also be compelling and easy to read as part of a financial or business plan.

Produce a professional range of ready-prepared, integrated reports with a few simple keystrokes, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Funds Flow and Variance reports. These reports are updated automatically whenever you alter or change your forecast data using the software’s intuitive data entry screens or the automatic hotlinks.

At-a-glance, clear and dynamic graphs are a powerful new feature of Sage 50 Forecasting that can be used to explain complex business scenarios with ease.
Key information contained within Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow and Funds Flow can all be demonstrated in easy-to-read colourful graphs .

You can drill down to data entry level, change this base line information and the graph will be automatically updated to reflect the changes.

You can choose the graph style, whether to view, print or save – or simply copy and paste it into your business plan. This is of huge benefit when presenting your case to professionals such as banks, fellow colleagues, financial advisors or potential investors

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Reports can be tailored to your requirements. For example, you might want to show Gross Profit by an individual department, include zero values or produce reports in Excel or PDF format.[/notification]

For more information please request a Sage 50 Forecasting Brochure

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