Get more from your Sage subscription

Get more from your Sage subscription

From April 1st, Sage is increasing the price of its 50cloud Accounts subscriptions in line with current global price rises. However, it’s not all bad news – the price increase comes with extra features and improvements for Sage subscribers.

What’s changing in your Sage 50cloud Accounts subscription?

To ensure the 50c Accounts subscription still offers great value for money, Sage has included two premium features with all Standard and Professional subscriptions.

Sage AutoEntry

Automating your data entry will save time, improve accuracy and give you better workflows. You’ll also get highly secure digital document storage so you can cut down on printing paper copies of invoices and receipts.

 With AutoEntry you can

  • Capture and submit documents for automated data entry
  • Reduce errors
  • Access auto-entry on the go with no need for paper
  • Work smarter with intelligent processing, AutoEntry remembers categorisations and makes smart suggestions

Sage Supplier Payments

Supplier Payments are now also included in your Sage 50cloud Accounts subscription when you choose Standard or Professional. This means you can manage and make payments directly within your Sage software.

When you use Sage Supplier payments you won’t need to manually enter details into your bank account or export and re-import payment files. This drastically reduces the chances of making any errors as you process your payments.

You can also

  • Automate the key stages of the payment process to avoid errors
  • Get real-time visibility of payments due and payments made
  • Keep everything secure by granting access to only those who need it

For more information or advice on how to use Supplier Payments in your Sage 50cloud Accounts software take a look at the support guides.

To bring further value to Sage 50c Accounts subscriptions, Sage has made further changes to the software including

  • Improvements to remote data access giving you the power of the desktop with the flexibility of the cloud.
  • Investment into the speed and performance of the software to make it much easier to use. It’s still the same software but with less clicks, no unnecessary screens and no performance delays.
  • When you subscribe you’ll also automatically get access to the latest upgrades and features as they are released.

If you’d like to find out more about the price changes and features of Sage 50cloud Accounts software you can speak to our team on 0121 323 2304.


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