What’s New in Sage – Sage 50cloud Accounts V28

What’s New in Sage – Sage 50cloud Accounts V28

Sage 50cloud Accounts version 28 was released on 13th October 2021. The latest version of Sage includes new dashboard features, easier access to the Sage Help Centre, and better remote data access.

What’s new in Sage 50cloud Accounts version 28?

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from the latest instalment of Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage Business Dashboards

The long-awaited dashboards update is finally available in Sage 50cloud Accounts version 28. The customisable business dashboard gives you a 360 view of your key business information, all in one place. This means you can easily keep on top of important business data, and share it with colleagues for collaboration.

Choose from pre-made dashboards that can be used straight away, or dive right in and create your own. The ready-made templates include a business overview, a customer overview and a supplier overview.

To get started, select the business dashboard option in the left menu. From here you’ll see the welcome menu which will show you how to get started. The new dashboards are made up of drag-and-drop widgets that easily be can be added to your dashboards. Widgets can also be customised by resizing them, editing their names, and changing the criteria for each widget.

If you want to share the information in your Sage 50 Accounts dashboard outside of the software, you can quickly copy a screen shot to your clipboard.

New Access to the Sage 50cloud Accounts Help Centre

It’s easier than ever to get help while using Sage 50cloud Accounts. You can now access the Sage Help centre directly from your desktop by clicking onto the new icon. From here you’ll have access to support guides, videos, and free training.

Sage 50cloud Accounts Training

Still need help using Sage 50cloud Accounts? Check out our training options!

Improved Data Checking Capabilities

Data errors within Sage 50cloud Accounts can be costly to fix and damaging to your business. In Sage 50cloud v28, it’s easier than ever to check on and protect your data.

Data checks can be scheduled to run automatically even without using automatic backups. The checks will run in the background even if you don’t have your software open, and you can even carry on working in Sage while the checks are running.

Improvements to the check data options in Sage 50cloud Version 28 also include clearer visibility, clearer expectations, improved messaging and a one-click fix option keeping you in control of your data.

Improved Remote Data Access

Sage 50cloud Accounts remote data access has been improved in version 28. In the new version there are no more main and remote sites. This means

  • All features can be used at any site using Remote Data Access – you won’t need to visit the office to perform certain tasks anymore.
  • Online services such as Bank feeds, Direct Debits, Invoice payments and Microsoft 365 integration can be set up from any site.
  • It’s easier to replace computers without disrupting other users.

Thinking of upgrading to Sage 50cloud Accounts version 28? Speak to our sales team on 0121 323 2304.

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