Sage Accounts Data Service Error

Sage Accounts Data Service Error

From time to time, you may encounter an error with the Sage Accounts Data Service which will stop you from using your Sage 50 Accounts software.

What is the Sage Accounts Data Service?

The Sage 50cloud Accounts data service is an integral part of the software, it acts as a gateway controlling the reading and writing of your data. The data service improves data security and optimises performance to ensure that everything runs smoothly too.

Occasionally the Sage Accounts Data Service can fail due to a number of reasons including network time out, windows updates, permissions issues and much more. However, there’s no need to worry, you can get your data service back up and running in a few steps.

Sage Accounts Data Service Errors

If your Sage data service fails you might see an error stating “It is not possible to contact the Sage 50 Accounts Service” or “The Sage 50 Accounts Data Service could not be started”. If you see either of these messages, you’ll need to restart the Sage Accounts Data Service.

** IMPOTRTANT ** These steps must be performed on the machine that hosts your Sage Data.

Restarting the Sage Accounts Data Service

The first thing you need to do is stop the Sage Data Service before you can restart it. Follow the steps below to do this

  1. Press the Windows Key  + R on your keyboard and enter Services.msc then press Enter.
  2. Right-click the relevant service – Sage 50 Accounts Service (choose the Sage version number that you are working from) and click Stop.
  3. Right-click the relevant control service – Sage 50 Accounts Control and click Stop. Again, choose the Sage Accounts version that you are working from.

Once you have stopped the Data Service you can then restart it by

  1. Press the Windows Key  + R on your keyboard then enter Services.msc and press Enter.
  2. Right-click the relevant service and click Start.
  3. Right-click the relevant control service and click Start.

Sage Accounts Data Service is stuck in starting or stopping

If you’ve followed the steps above but the service state is stuck on either starting or stopping, you can try the following steps to force the service to stop and try again. However please keep mind that this should be done as a last resort only, if you do this while the service is in use it can cause data corruption.

If you force the data service to stop, always check your data once you’ve logged back into your Sage 50 Accounts software.





Stop the data service using Taskkill

  1. Press the Windows Key  and type cmd then right click the cmd.exe and click Run as administrator.
  2. Enter the following, depending on your version to stop the Sage service:
  • Sage accounts v28: Taskkill /f /IM sg50svc_v28.exe
  • Sage Accounts v27: Taskkill /f /IM sg50svc_v27.exe
  • Sage Accounts v26: Taskkill /f /IM sg50svc_v26.exe
  • Sage Accounts v25: Taskkill /f /IM sg50svcexe
  • Sage Accounts v24: Taskkill /f /IM sg50svc_v24.exe

If you need to stop the Control Service the following command prompts can be used:

  • Sage Accounts v28: TASKKILL /F /IM sg50CtrlSvc_v28.exe /T
  • Sage Accounts v27: TASKKILL /F /IM sg50CtrlSvc_v27.exe /T
  • Sage Accounts v26: TASKKILL /F /IM sg50CtrlSvc_v26.exe /T
  • Sage Accounts v25: TASKKILL /F /IM sg50CtrlSvc_v25.exe /T
  • Sage Accounts v24: TASKKILL /F /IM sg50CtrlSvc_v24.exe /T
  1. Press Enter

 Sage 50 Accounts Support from Softext

Softext offers support packages for Sage 50 Accounts software for extra peace of mind. We’ll diagnose and fix any issues with your Sage software to get you back on track as soon as possible. As Sage Business Partners we’ve been working with the software for over ten years, as well as providing Sage 50 Accounts training services.


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