Sage Cloud Backup Service

Securely backup your Sage data

A secure, offsite backup of your Sage data in case things go wrong

Imagine if your computer or laptop died, making your saved data and files inaccessible. What would you do? Could your business still operate without your Sage accounting data?

How much is your Sage Accounts data worth to your business?

With the threat of data corruption, hardware problems, and hacking attempts there are countless threats to contend with. You could easily lose access to data that is stored only on your computer.

If your Sage Accounts data becomes corrupted, repair costs start in the hundreds and the data isn’t always recoverable. Similarly, backing your data up to your own servers and hardware doesn’t offer 100% protection against data loss.

Store your data safely with Softext

Our Sage backup services are here to give you peace of mind. Once you subscribe your Sage accounting data will automatically backup to our dedicated server. In the event that something does go wrong, we can have your data restored to our backup copy within hours.

What's included?

Our Sage backup service give you peace of mind knowing that you have a recent copy of your accounting data stored on our servers. You’ll also get the following benefits

  • 30-day backup retention period. We’ll store each of your backups for at least 30 days, so if anything happens you have a recent copy of your data. This time period can also be increased if requested.
  • Email alerts in case anything goes wrong. If your backup fails for any reason our tech support team will remotely log onto your computer and resolve the issue.
  • Allotted backup times. We’ll schedule the automatic backups outside of your office hours to minimise disruption.
  • Real-time advice. Should you encounter any problems with your Sage data, we’ll have a copy stored on our server. This means we can look at it in detail and provide advice on the next steps to take.
  • A scalable solution. You can add as many companies as you like to our Sage 50 backup service.
  • No pre-requisites. Our Sage data backup services are compatible with any version of Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud Accounts.
  • Fast disaster recovery. We can provide you with your backup data within hours, meaning minimal downtime for your business.

Subscribe to our Sage 50 Accounts backup service

Prepare for any eventuality with a secure, off-site backup of your Sage accounting data. 

Who Are We?

Softext is a Sage business partner with over ten year’s experience. Our team of consultants and software technicians are here to support you as you use Sage software to manage your business accounts.

We are also a leading provider of Sage training materials used by individuals, companies, training providers, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Our Services

Onsite & Telephone Consultancy

We’ll get to know your business  so we can find the Sage 50 Accounts package for you.

Online & Onsite Sage Software Demonstrations

Try before you buy! We’ll show you the ins-and-outs of Sage software and its different add-ons.

Sage Software Installation & Configuration

We’ll help you install and set-up your Sage software.

Sage 50 Accounts Training

We have a range of Sage 50 Accounts training options to suit all budgets and learning styles. Including online courses, self-study manuals, remote training, and 1-2-1 training.

Sage Software Support

Our telephone and email support team is available from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday to help you with any software queries or questions.

Sage! Software Add-Ons

With a range of approved add-ons for Sage software, we can help you tailor your accounting system to work for your business.