Sage One Accounts Extra

Sage one accounts extra

Sage One Accounts Extra

Sage One Accounts Extra is an online accounting service for businesses that want to trade abroad, control shared accounts data and get insight into financial forecasts.

  • Manage international trading
  • Manage more than one businesssage one accounts extra
  • Controlled multi-user access
  • Plan ahead with financial forecasts


Easily manage international trading

Sage One Accounts Extra makes it really easy to keep track of foreign sales, purchases and VAT. Produce invoices in foreign currencies or enter invoices received from foreign suppliers and exchange rates and gains and losses are automatically calculated. Sage One also helps you comply with VAT laws on selling goods and services inside and outside the EU.

  • Record sales and purchases in multiple currencies
  • Exchange rates and exchange rate gains and losses are calculated automatically
  • Calculate VAT for EU and non EU sales and purchases


Open up your finances

As your business grows, you may realise you can’t do everything yourself but still want to maintain control. Sage One Accounts Extra opens up business accounts to multiple users, while offering control over exactly what each person can see and do.

  • Allow trusted users secure access to your accounts data
  • Control exactly what each person can see and do
  • Maintain an audit trail to see what’s happening to your data


Manage more than one business

You may be involved in more than one venture and need to account for them separately. With Sage One Accounts Extra, you can set up multiple businesses and manage them with a single login.


Plan for the future with financial forecasts

Cash flow is critical for any business. Not only does Sage One Accounts Extra provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of the current cash available today, but it also allows you to forecast your future cash flow position over the coming months.

  • Estimate how much cash the business will have or need
  • Use recurring receipts and payments and invoice due dates to calculate net cash flow
  • Adjust cashflow forecasts to reflect future income and costs you need to plan for such as investments and expansion plans


Analyse your business performance

When it comes to analysing costs and profits, you may want to break that down by department, project, market sector or other variables. Sage One Accounts Extra gives you complete flexibility to define how to analyse your accounts to see which areas of business are performing well and where there’s scope for improvement.


Manage data quickly and easily

Quick entry tools allow you to enter high volumes of data, enter transactions created on external systems or make simple adjustments to customer or supplier accounts. And customisable views mean that users can quickly see the information they need, prioritising what’s important to them and eliminating other distractions.


Faster and easier bank reconciliation

To help speed up bank reconciliation, you can import business banking statements and automatically match them up with your accounts information.


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