Sage One Accounts

Sage One Accounts

Sage One Accounts

An online accounting service for small business owners who want greater control of their finances, but don’t necessarily have an accounting background or time for software training.

• Calculate and submit your VAT return online Sage One Accounts

• Create sales invoices

• Track expenses and purchase invoices

• Profit and loss and balance sheet reports

With Sage One Accounts you can:

Manage your VAT

Sage One Accounts makes completing your VAT return really straightforward. It generates your return based on the information you’ve entered and supports all major VAT schemes. You can then choose to submit your return direct to HMRC online. When VAT changes, rates are automatically altered with no effort required from you.

Keep track of your customers and suppliers

Adding customer and supplier details to Sage One Accounts not only means they’re all in one place and easy to find, but also makes it even quicker to create invoices and record payments.

See at a glance how your business is performing

Quickly view your sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date, all from one easy-to-understand summary screen. If you’re VAT registered, Sage One will also tell you how many days are left before your VAT period ends.

Record all the money leaving your business quickly and easily

Sage One Accounts makes it quick and easy to record all the money leaving your business; it’s our way of helping to numb the pain. And if it’s something like a direct debit or standing order, all you need to do is tell Sage One Accounts how often it comes out of your bank, and it’ll do the rest until you tell it to stop

Work with your accountant online

Having all of your accounts online with Sage One can make working with your accountant effortless. If they’re a registered Sage One accountant, you can give them access to your financial information immediately; no more dropping receipts off at their office. Your accountant can access your accounts in real time to make sure everything is accurate.

Organise your finances

If you want to show a bank manager or potential investor your financial data, Sage One Accounts can help you put everything you need in a simple format.

Straightforward bank reconciliation

Sage One Accounts is written in plain English, but one accounting term we kept in is “bank reconciliation”. We make it as simple as possible. It’s step-by-step and straightforward. Just get your bank statement and get going.

Keep a tight rein on your finances

With Sage One Accounts you can run a series of reports that give you, your accountant or anyone else (including the bank manager) all the info needed. These let you see the details behind your business finances, and are a good way to find out how much you’ve spent on things like rent or travel expenses


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