Sage One Payroll

Sage One Payroll

Quick, easy and worry-free online payroll Run your own payroll, even if you’ve never done it before

Sage One Payroll is RTI-ready UK online payroll software

RTI-ready online payroll software

From 6th April, all UK employers must submit their tax and national insurance information to HMRC every time they run a payroll and not just at Payroll Year End. If not, they risk a fine of £100 or more.

Simple to use- No need for training

Sage One Payroll is really easy to use, so there’s no need for any training. You can use Sage One Payroll even if you don’t have any previous experience of using payroll software. Printing payslips also becomes effortless with Sage One Payroll.

Stay up to date – No need to download updates – ever!

With Sage One Payroll you’ll never have anything to install, and because it’s online you don’t have to worry about legislation updates either.

For example, if there’s a change to the minimum wage, we update things, so your payroll is always up to date. That means you’re always complying with the law and gives you one less thing to worry about.

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Produce and print payslips – No need for special payroll stationery

You can easily print off payslips for your employees without the need for additional payroll stationery.

Process your pay runs In 4 easy steps

Process your weekly and monthly pay runs in 4 easy steps. Sage One Payroll guides you through, making the process as simple as possible. Even if you have no previous payroll experience, you could be managing pay runs and printing out payslips in no time.

Manage payroll for 5, 10 or 15 employees – Calculate payments and deductions automatically

Sage One Payroll automatically calculates payments and deductions, such as tax and National Insurance, so you know you’re paying the right rates. Managing your employees couldn’t be easier. Record details of staff sickness, maternity or paternity absence and access all your employee information in just a few clicks.

It’s really easy to make corrections – Sage One Payroll is very forgiving

If you make a mistake, you’ll find Sage One Payroll is very forgiving.

Say you’ve underpaid an employee in a previous pay run, for example. Simply make the change to that pay run and all the calculations are automatically updated and carried through to the current pay run.

Hiring another employee? – You can add them to Sage One Payroll really quickly

From within the Employees section of Sage One Payroll, you can easily add a new employee or edit existing details.

In addition to contact details, you’ll be able to assign a works number, add or amend the pay cycle, enter the start date and chose a payment method.

Already using payroll software? – It’s easy to switch to Sage One Payroll at any time of the year

Enter your opening balances if you’re starting mid way through a payroll year

We’ll show you how to get started and do your first pay run, send payslips and finalise your payroll year end.

Save time working on your accounts – Integrate with Sage One Accounts or Sage One Cashbook

If you’re already using Sage One Accounts or Sage One Cashbook you’ll be pleased to know that Sage One Payroll integrates with both seamlessly.

This will save you even more time by posting your pay information directly into Sage One Cashbook or Sage One Accounts, removing the need for you to do it manually.

Work with your accountant online – Give your accountant secure access to your payroll information securely

Working with an accountant is a breeze with Sage One. Your registered Sage One accountant can securely access your payroll information online at any time.

If there are certain aspects of payroll you’d prefer to leave to them, you can.

They can log in and see the same data as you, meaning you no longer need to send information back and forth. And you get to decide how much control and input you have.

Free support – Unlimited free access to our UK-based Customer Service team

When you subscribe to Sage One Payroll, you’ll have unlimited free access to our UK-based Customer Service team. Whether via telephone or email, we’re here for you day or night.

We’ll show you how to do your first pay run, send payslips and finalise your payroll year end. We can also explain any future legislative updates and how you manage it within Sage One Payroll.

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How can Sage One Payroll help you? – Watch our quick video

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