Training for Sage Software Success

Sage software training

Training for Sage Software Success

In the modern world of business, we expect software to perform a range of functions that help us to complete our day-to-day roles. However, the more we expect from our software programs, the more complicated they become. As a result, software training is now essential in order to fully understand what your software can do for your business and how to use it to its full potential.

Increase your software ROI

When implementing a new software, we always recommend incorporating a training element, even if on the surface, the program seems intuitive to use. With our Sage training options, users learn about all of the functions and features available to them, so that they can take full advantage of the software’s capabilities.  

Providing software training helps your employees feel comfortable with the new technology and increases the likelihood that they will adapt to the software. This helps to improve the overall return on investment for your Sage software purchase.

Inadequate training poses an obstacle to software implementation

The incorporation of new software into your business often means that job roles and responsibilities need to change too. Providing training helps employees adjust to their new roles and removes any obstacles that may be slowing them down. One of the leading causes of failed software implementation is a lack of adequate training and support – avoid this by allocating training period in your implementation plan.

Neglecting training will harm your business

Cutting corners when it comes to training your staff can be harmful to your business in the long run. If users are unwilling to adapt to new technology or using it incorrectly, you are at risk of project delays, costly mistakes, and wasted time.

Lack of support and training can also have a negative impact on your staff leading to lowered job satisfaction and frustration. If staff feel unsupported, they may opt to continue working with old processes abandoning the new technology available to them.  Not only does this prevent the business from growing and moving forwards, it also means money is being wasted on software that is not being used.

What does good training look like?

People learn in a variety of ways so a good training program should echo this. Make your software training more accessible by accounting for different learning styles to suit your staff. Some of the software training options available to you are;

  • Sage On-site training. A qualified professional will train your team on-site at your office. This causes minimum disruption and helps staff feel more relaxed in an environment they are comfortable with.
  • Sage E-Learning: All the benefits of classroom training without having to leave your desk. E-learning offers the ideal solution for non-office-based workers and those with busy schedules.
  • Sage Self-study courses: train in your own time with self-study courses, complete with certification to prove your level of expertise.

For successful software introduction you must offer a training element alongside it to make your investment worthwhile. Softext Ltd offers a range of training options for Sage and Act! software solutions. Call us on 0121 323 2304 to book your first training session.

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