Using Sage 50 Accounts to make better financial decisions

Using Sage 50 Accounts to make better financial decisions

Sage 50 Accounts software does more than just calculate your taxes. It gives you a clear overview of your business cash flow all the time and from anywhere. Armed with this in-depth understanding, you can make better financial decisions within your business and see the impact of these decisions on your cash flow.

Here’s how business owners have used Sage 50 Accounts to make informed and better business decisions.

Sage Intelligence Reporting

Uncover insights buried in your accounting data using Sage 50 Intelligence reporting. Sage 50 Accounts intelligence reporting is a flexible reporting and analytics solution that can help you analyse and understand your financial data.

It’s equipped with ready-to-use reports already formatted for you, simply select the information to report on. Alternatively, if you have specific a report in mind, you can easily customise an existing report or create one from scratch.

Reports are easily downloaded into Excel to conveniently share with your colleagues. This includes every graph, chart, and slicer generated in the report so everybody can see what’s happening in the business.

Easily manage your cash flow

Unexpected bill landed on your doorstep? Or encountered an expense you didn’t budget for? Don’t worry, Sage 50 Accounts gives you a clear view of your business so you can make the right financial decisions.

The software shows outstanding invoices and incoming payments so you can keep on track with your budget.

Automate your accounting process

Small businesses that rely on manual accounting processes leave themselves at risk of human error. Automating these processes using a tool like Sage 50 Accounts removes the margin of error using tools that check for mistakes, duplicates, and banking reconciliation errors.

Should errors occur, they are flagged almost instantly so you can fix them before the problem escalates.

Easily sync your data

With Sage Remote Data Access you can securely access your company account data no matter where you’re working; whether it’s home, the office, or anywhere else. Remote Data Access also makes it easy to work with third parties who need occasional access to the software, like accountants.

This remote access shows you the most up-to-date version of your data no matter where you are. So you can make the right financial decisions even when you’re not in the office.

Keep on top of your tax obligations

HMRC-approved software like Sage 50 Accounts can help you stay on the right side of your tax obligations. With it, you can quickly calculate your taxes and submit your tax return and payments directly to HMRC.

By simplifying your tax return processes, you’ll have more time to focus on running your business and deciding the best course of action for your finances.

Stay on top of stock

No more duplicate stock orders or running out of supplies, with Sage 50 Accounts it’s easy to keep on top of your inventory and stock levels. The software automatically keeps track of your stock with alerts that let you know when you are running low, along with easily accessible supplier details.

Do more with Sage 50 Add-ons

For even greater control over your business finances, Sage 50 Accounts is compatible with a range of add-ons.

Sage Purchase Order Control allows you to set up an authorisation process so you can maintain control over your purchase orders at all stages. This includes setting spending limits and automatically generating authorisation emails that require approval.

The Credit Controller also helps you save time by monitoring your outstanding invoices and sending out reminders at set times. No more wasting time chasing payments, let your Sage software do it for you!

If you’re ready to make better financial decisions for your business, give us a call on 0121 323 2304. As Sage business partners we can help you with all aspects of the software including consultation, implementation, and training.



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