What’s New in Act CRM software?

What's New in Act CRM?

Find out what’s new in Act CRM. From marketing automation to performance enhancements, here you’ll find all of the latest developments.

When you subscribe to Act! you’ll always have access to the latest feature and platform enhancements as soon as they’re available. Contact us on 0121 323 2304 or start your free trial.


Act! V24

Released September 2021 Act V24 delivers turbocharged performance via a 64-bit native architecture, while user-driven Office integration enhancements bring optimised usability. New marketing automation capabilities enable greater collaboration and drive dynamic marketing outreach with intelligent follow-up.

Act! Version 23

Released Spring 2021 Act v23 delivers performance and usability enhancements across the solution, designed to streamline and optimise the user experience to ensure maximum productivity.


v22.1 Act! Growth Suite

Released 3/06/2020

Act! v22.1 delivers a wealth of user experience and performance enhancements across the product suite, building on the foundation of the next-generation Act! Growth Suite platform. New Marketing Automation features make it easier than ever to drive effective outreach.

v2.8.2 Act! Compaion

Released 3/06/2020

Experience maximum productivity on the go with access to Hot Leads rom Marketing Automation, configurable Activity notifications by type, native calendar integration. and a refreshed user interface.


v2.6 Act! Companion

Released 08/08/2019

Act! Companion now includes a new notes view, allowing you to create, edit, and view notes across contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities in the app. Additional improvements include a history view revamp and rich text formatting inside of notes and history.

Act! Growth Suite June 2019

Released 25/06/2019

Act! Growth Suite now includes a number of valuable Marketing Automation enhancements. Now you can access 170+ impactful email templates that fit your industry, business, and communication style. Choose from a diverse library of promotional, transactional, webinar, and enewsletter email templates for building campaigns. Campaigns will render beautifully on any device, because all email templates are mobile responsive. Additional features include a new visual workflow for selecting email templates and a new image manager, making it easy to find the template and visuals you need for building campaigns.


V21 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Plus v21 & Act! Marketing Automation

Released 08/11/2018

Your trusted CRM choice just got better! Act now include dynamic sales pipeline management and powerful new Marketing Automation transforming Act! into the ultimate small business toolset.

  • Dynamic sales pipeline management
  • Subscriber-exclusive enhancements
  • Powerful marketing automation

V20.1 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, & Act! Premium Plus

Released 23/03/2018

Introducing the most adaptable, everywhere, connected Act! experience yet! Including

  • Custom tables & industry templates
  • Compatibility updates
  • Next generation Outlook Integration
  • Act! Insight & Act! Companion Improvements
  • New customer support options


V20 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Released 11/10/2017

Meet the modern, new Act! complete with Act! insight, Ask Act! with Amazon Alexa, and so much more!

  • Interactive, Graphical Act! Insight Dashbaords
  • Ask Act! with Amazon Alexa
  • Fresh, new look
  • Optimised Emarketing workflow
  • Compatibility & usability improvements

V1.5 Act! Companion

Released 07/08/2017

Act! Companion 1.5 now includes maps! Get driving directions to a contact, find nearby places of interest, and navigate to the location of your meeting with ease. Act! Companion also includes a number of new updates since its release with v19.

v19.2 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Released 24/05/2017

Act! v19 continues to deliver enhancements that maximise your productivity and subscription value – making your Act! experience even better!

  • Compatibility updates
  • Act! Emarketing call list improvements
  • Act! Companion mobile app enhancements
  • Web client rich text controls
  • Performance & quality updates

v19.1 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Released 07/03/2017

Act! v19 continues to maximise your productivity and your subscription value!

  • New eCommerce connections
  • Dozens of quality updates
  • Act! Companion mobile app enchancements

v19 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Released 12/01/2017

The new Act! v19 is now available! Now 64-bit compatible, the new Act! v19 is designed to maximise your productivity and your subscription value.

  • 64-bit compatible
  • Customer-driven enhancements
  • Modern, new connections
  • Act! Emarketing performance improvements