What’s New in Act! V22.1?

whats new in act v22.1

What’s New in Act! V22.1?

Act! V22.1 has recently been released bringing with it a host of changes and additions to improve your experience of using the Act! CRM and marketing automation software. Act! is a consistently evolving tool that has seen improvements year upon year. To see the roadmap of the evolution of the Act! CRM and Marketing Automation tool take a look here.

The features and improvements in the new version of Act! v22.1 are detailed below:

Microsoft Outlook Add-in redesign

If you integrate your Microsoft Outlook account with your Act! software you’ll benefit from new underlying technology that now uses the API to facilitate this. This offers increased performance and the ability to further enhance the add-in with additional features. With a 64-bit compatibility, and increased start-up speed you will notice that this provides a much better experience for users.

Restyled Opportunity Pipeline View

The Opportunity pipeline helps you to close deals faster and more often by capturing all the details of a sale opportunity and then progressing it through different stages with a simple drag-and-drop tool. In Act! Version 22.1 the Opportunity Pipeline view has been restyled to offer a better user experience and an improved drag and drop functionality.

New Look to Marketing Automation

Act! Marketing Automation optimises the way you communicate with your prospects and customers and version 22.1 brings with it some more improvements to the marketing suite.

Firstly, the AMA tab on contact records has been added to the web version of Act! v22.1 so you can now add users to campaigns, send one-off emails that are recorded to history, import templates to send to individual contacts, and view scoring profiles all from the web version.

There are also new wizards to help you create campaigns, email templates and landing pages. As well as stock templates for campaigns, email templates and landing pages in categories. This will help you to save time and build effective, great looking marketing campaigns.

Finally, Act! has also now been given a Captcha Control feature for its Landing Pages. This will prevent any SPAM filtering through from your landing page forms.

Further Improvements

There have been over 250 further product improvements implemented in Act! Version 22.1, for a full list please see here.

If you are interested in implementing Act! v22.1 within your business, or if you have any questions regarding the latest update please contact us by email at info@softext.co.uk or give us a call on 0121 323 2304.

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